Saturday, August 20, 2011

Couch queen

My doctor made it very clear to my hubby that I was to be treated like Queen Cleopatra the few days post transfer, and he as not disappointed. The past few days I have been the couch queen...the iPad 2 has been my constant companion, (I run the battery dead every day). I have read novels, watched movies, tv and most importantly I have caught up on sleep. I have had whatever I have wanted as far as food goes, moose tracks ice cream, chocolate, fruit, most anything good. So if I am not pregnant, I sure will look pregnant by next week. I must be eating out of boredom, because usually I eat fairly healthily minus the ice cream, something I may never be able to give up. So my son came home for a little fiesta, and of course they had a piƱata filled with all sorts of treats. My hubby got a chocolate, and my Homer Simpson kicked in..."mmmm....chocolate" I asked for a piece of chocolate, but alas only straight sugar. I craved peanut M&M's, so my request was granted...gee I could get used to this.

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