Saturday, June 4, 2011

staying positive

We are here, and trying to keep a positive attitude. It is easy to get down when you can't see the future, but it is what makes us stronger. So instead of focusing on the challenges I am looking forward and most importantly looking at our immediate blessings.
After graduation we moved into my parents' house, not exactly a palatial experience, in fact we nicknamed our new dwelling the "cool cave". We are in the unfinished portion of the basement, like I said, not palatial, but it has its advantages. It is really cool down there and more excitedly is free. Yep, we are totally blessed to have a place to live during our transition without paying a penny. It also has some extra perks such as my mom paying for most of the groceries! Yay us!
My husband is working so hard to study for his boards in July and I know he will pass. He works so hard and he studies all day to be ready. I am really proud of his attitude and hard work. I know his long hours will pay off.
I am blessed to have my education. I am applying for work as well and it is so wonderful to put a degree and experience on my resume. My first choice would to be home with my children, but I feel blessed that I can work in a desired location and profession.
Life is great even in its hardest of times, our focus and energy becomes us. I hope to continue to focus on our blessings and gifts; not the inconveniences that are part of life.