Sunday, February 27, 2011

"In the Morning I'm Making Waffles"

Well, not actually in the morning, but for dinner. Waffle Sunday, our new tradition this year...and it is a hit. Everyone actually eats dinner without a complaint in sight. (They still have to eat dinner other nights, I just don't have to listen to the whining on Sunday.) No new fancy recipes, just good old fashion waffles topped with the best of everything. Who knew Sundays could be so relaxing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Something life is full of, but not something we always embrace.
We are heading for change, big change.
Not a few nickels and dimes kind of change, but a whole jar that has been saved for three years kind of change.
We don't know what to do with our change; if only we had been given a road map with it, we might not have the headache.
The headache of sorting through each piece, counting, and rolling it up in nice neat papers to give to the bank.
We are still in the sorting stage.
What to do with this nickel, how 'bout this quarter over here.
We found a dollar piece at the bottom, but we haven't quite figured where that fits into the picture.
Will these pennies really be worth saving, they have talked about doing away with pennies.
If only I were a kid, this kind of change might actually be more fun!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

At a loss for words

No, I am not at a loss for words; that rarely happens, unfortunately. My son is. No, not the six year old blabber-mouth that talks almost as much as I do; no it is the two-year-old. I first noticed that he was not talking very much when he was about 16 months. He could say, “mamma, dada” but that was it. As other children his age and even younger ones started talking more readily than he, I began to worry. I would show him books that he would throw across the room. We play with toys, which he also paid little or no attention to. I would talk, something I do best and he would smile and laugh, but not say much. Oh he would try, much to his avail, and most often we would get the most glorious sound effects. It was something, but not words. So we began talking with our doctor. She agreed he was behind, but we would have to do some tests and most likely he would catch up. He passed the hearing test, something we didn’t doubt, (what two-year-old could pick up the correct shirt put it in the correct drawer from only a verbal command). We knew he could hear, but why was he slow of speech. I mostly blame myself, (what mom wouldn’t) the loud mouth. I can’t seem to stop talking, so I must crowd out the opportunity for him to speak. With some extra testing he is in speech therapy twice a month, his progress slow, but sure. I am now hearing two-word phrases instead of a grunt and a gesture in the direction of his wants. Names instead of jibber jabber. Words in place of sound effects. So before he really talks I want to capture the moment of his cute little vocabulary before his verbose explosion, and I forget all the quirky ways my son let me know what he desires.

“Neow” - Cat

“Dog-go” – Dog

“A-Vroom or MMuuMM” – Truck

“Quoowack” – Duck

“Hole-me” – Hold me

“Sthoes” – Shoes

“Bbrrbb” –Horse

“EE-EE” – Monkey

“Ah-Bee” – Vitamin

“Kackhoe” – Backhoe

“Brushee” – Brush teeth

"SH-SH" - Sleep

I almost forgot my favorite:

"Daogo" - Bug not to be confuse with Dog-go, dog